wen lamb bros

An unwelcome flock of humanoid sheep created in a laboratory with experimental blockchain technology. 3000 outcasts being forced to walk in the shadows of modern day life. Trying to fit in as equals but society refuses to acknowledge their existence.

Presale- Saturday 30th July 5pm UTC
Public- Sunday 31st July 5pm UTC

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Come join us as we find out more about our origin story and the truth behind a grave injustice bestowed upon our species.

Tech specs

The Wen Lamb Bros are a flock of programmatically generated sheep created with 200 different traits including Eyes, Head, Ears, Mouth, Nose, Body, Bar and Backgrounds. These attributes vary in weight so that every sheep’s rarity will be different and some will be rarer than others. Every Wen Lamb Bro NFT that is minted is 100% unique and there will never be another one like it.

  • 3000

    Programmatically Generated NFTs
  • 0.08 ETH

    Mint Price + GAS


“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” - Albert Einstein

It is said the human brain has a faster processing speed than the world's most powerful supercomputer. What if we could harness all this power and put it to better use? Cryptocurrency project Wen Lambo has discovered a way to achieve this, through the use of their ground breaking Proof of Mind consensus. The protocol constructs a bidirectional data transfer directly from within the brain.

Wen Lambo’s original goal was to offer the ability to validate transactions on the blockchain using only the human brain and an app (BrainLink), lessening the environmental impact of mining cryptocurrency while affording the user a passive income. However, during development they realised that the technology could be applied in endless ways for the advancement of mankind.

This technology was stolen by a nefarious organisation of blockchain developers and scientists who managed to patch the protocol to the Ethereum network. Without a complete understanding of the technology, they set out to create a neural pathway with the intention to build a ‘Superhuman’ possessing physical and intellectual upgrades...they began their initial testing on sheep.

What first started as an innovative charting and wallet tracking project, soon grew to become a giant in the cryptocurrency space with their breakthrough PROOF OF MIND consensus and BRAINLINK app. This advanced technology would go on to change the world.

PROOF OF MIND Whitepaper

The Resistance

  • Maverick

  • Leo

  • THE

  • Jacob

  • Diego

Join us on DISCORD where we await The Shepherd to share knowledge of unforgivable events and twisted lies entangled within our origin story.


Chapter 1

  • Once revealed THE RESISTANCE exclusive Discord channel will open its doors and soon after The Shepherd will reveal the truth about our origins and the story begins its interactive journey. WLB holders will put their minds together and formulate a plan to take back their right to an existence. We will need guns, lots of guns! WLB holders will work together by suggesting and then voting on artillery and combat gear inventory traits for the Warrior Sheep to go into battle.

    the resistance

  • retribution

    3000 Warrior Sheep deployed and ready to fight and take back their right to a future in this world. Wen Lambo have joined the fight and have recruited another 3000 Warrior Humans to be armed and ready for battle.

    Genesis WLB holders and the devs get to build an NFT Portfolio Tracking App together. We will suggest and vote on UI design, functionality and all possible use cases for our creation.

  • Our ‘Beat ‘Em Up’ arcade style P2E game is launched. THE RESISTANCE have put plans into action and the story continues in the form of an NFT game to complete the mission. Earn rewards crucial for utility in the Chapter 2 roadmap and the Wen Lamb Bros saga.

    Development of the NFT App is well underway and getting close to beta testing.

    the mission

  • residence

    ‘Downtown’ WLB district is revealed in the Metaverse. This will be the Wen Lamb Bros official virtual home for all of our NFT holders. A virtual space where the community can get together for live events, fun quests, competitions and giveaways.

    THE RESISTANCE secret location CLUBHOUSE opens its doors exclusively to Genesis WLB holders in the Metaverse. This will be our new meeting place to discuss future plans and get private insight into project development with the devs. Not to mention special events and premium prize giveaways.

  • The Wen Lamb Bros saga continues with some disturbing twists in the tale! We release the new roadmap that will include BREEDING, STAKING, another awesome P2E game and a 3D NFT collection plus much more to come. We will keep bringing you regular holder competitions and giveaways that will just keep getting bigger and better as we grow.

    CHApter 2


  • Access to THE RESISTANCE Discord channel
  • Genesis WLB community built portfolio tracking NFT app access + full prem features
  • Suggest and vote on Warrior Sheep weapons attributes
  • No fee auto whitelist for Warrior Sheep mint (0.1ETH for public sale)
  • ‘Downtown’ WLB District access (Metaverse)
  • THE RESISTANCE CLUBHOUSE access (Metaverse secret location)
  • WEN LAMBO HQ mansion access (Metaverse)
  • Important utility in Chapter 2

Warrior sheep

  • Access to WARRIORS Discord channel
  • NFT app access + standard features
  • P2E game access
  • ‘Downtown’ WLB District access (Metaverse)
  • Important utility in Chapter 2

Warrior Human

  • Access to WARRIORS Discord channel
  • P2E game access
  • ‘Downtown’ WLB District access (Metaverse)
  • Important utility in Chapter 2

meet the team




Project Dev


Social Media Manager


Web developer






Presale - Saturday 30th July 5pm UTC
Public - Sunday 31st July 5pm UTC

Presale Mint 0.08ETH + gas. Public Mint 0.12ETH + gas.

Yes. There will be a whitelisting process.

Presale 3 max per wallet. Public Mint 10 max per wallet.

It varies but we have an optimised ERC721 contract that gives the lowest gas fees possible for minting.

Its best practice to use the Metamask wallet on your desktop but you can also use the Metamask app through its internal browser to mint.

The collection will be revealed one week after all 3000 NFTs have been minted.

On the Opensea marketplace.

Come join our discord server for more info.

Come join our Discord server

We welcome you to come and join us as we build our friendly community. Come get involved in the development and immerse yourself in the Wen Lamb Bros saga!



Wen Lamb Bros is the first NFT collection launched by Wen Lambo, a UK based crypto project founded in April 2021, recognised for their innovative charting and wallet tracking iOS and Android mobile app. WLB is an exciting collab between the WL team and AgentK with his enthusiastic entourage. AgentK is a well respected Dev from multiple gaming NFT projects on the Wax blockchain and the founder of BigBangAirdrops, a multi-project cross community and cross network NFT/Crypto giveaway platform. Together they plan to commit themselves to make WLB a success and a friendly space the community to enjoy.